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Gamma Colors: This is how Turin remembers Aldo Brovarone

Author: Michele Di Mauro · Credits Ph: Michele Di Mauro

5 April 2022
Gamma Colors: This is how Turin remembers Aldo Brovarone

It was meant to be a surprise dedicated to the master designer, but destiny turned it into a tribute.

Collector Andrea Levy first had the idea a few years ago, following a meeting with Aldo Brovarone, the Pininfarina guiding light and creator of some of the most beautiful cars to come out of the famous Turin bodywork shop. A few names are enough to give you an immediate idea of the calibre of Brovarone’s work: Maserati A6 GCS/53, Dino 206/246, Alfa Romeo Spider “Osso di seppia”, Peugeot 504 Coupé, Lancia Gamma Coupé.

Levy’s initiative took its cue from the latter, an example of which he decided to acquire as a homage to the Biella-based stylist, with whom he immediately established a relationship of sincere esteem and friendship. Once he received the vehicle and its accompanying documentation, Levy discovered that the colour combinations for the Gamma Coupé included nine different schemes, all of them absolutely beautiful. The initial idea then took on a new, challenging turn: Andrea decided to organise a surprise event for Brovarone, planning to find an example of each production colour of the iconic model, still very much appreciated by “Lancisti”, and not only for the elegance and purity of its lines. The hunt for the cars started, trying to alternate between the different series and engine sizes as much possible. The task would take longer than expected, because of the rarity of some of the configurations: Gamma coupés in black or yellow are in fact extremely rare.

In the meantime, unfortunately, destiny decided to take a hand, and Aldo Brovarone passed away on October 12, 2020. What was intended to be a surprise then became a homage honouring the Maestro, exactly a year after his death. Over this period, Levy discovered and purchased the cars (a total of 13 vehicles, including a number of potential “donor cars”), which were conservatively restored at the headquarters of the Turin Heritage Association in Sant’Ambrogio di Torino.

And it was from the Turin Heritage headquarters that the event dedicated to Brovarone set out on October 12, 2021: at the wheels of the nine vehicles, now owned by the 777 Collection, an equal number of representatives of the national press embarked on a short tour which took in the centre of Rivoli before heading for Mauto, the National Automobile Museum. Here, the cars have been positioned and will remain on display until October 24. Their lines and colours are a good way of showing the general public the art created by the master designer Brovarone.

An unusual and colourful setting provided the backdrop for an evening talk during the course of which leading lights in the history of Turin and Italian bodywork, led by Mariella Mengozzi, Director of Mauto, and Andrea Levy remembered the Maestro: Paolo Pininfarina, who remembered how Aldo Brovarone was the first person he met and worked with on the first day of his internship at Cambiano, followed by Enrico Fumia, Leonardo Fioravanti, Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Diego Ottina, Fabio Filippini, Giancarlo Perini, Ercole Spada and Paolo Martin who participated by telephone.

Anecdotes about Brovarone also came from Giuliano Silli, the master designer’s biographer, from Enrico Masala, the executive in charge of the Lancia brand during the years of the Lancia Gamma Coupé, from Daniela Fresc, who edited a monograph, from collectors Sylvie and Urs Jacob, who restored a Cisitalia together with Brovarone, from Paolo Falcinelli and Toni Cestarollo, president and vice president of the Lancia Gamma Club, and from Giuseppe Gremo, Secretary of the Air Force, who spoke about the Maestro’s second passion, aeronautical design.

His nephew, Cesare Brovarone, then shared some personal memories, together with Alfredo Stola, who collaborated with Brovarone on the creation of a number of prototypes including the Stola Dedica and the Ruf RKSpyder StudioTurin, which were present at the event. Official bodies also contributed, starting with Cavaliere Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi, the creator of the Matita d’Oro award and former director of Mauto, followed by Andrea Tronzano, Budget and Finance Assessor for the Piedmont region, Michele Albera, Director of Transportation IED, Antonio Traversa, ASI federal adviser, journalist Yuko Noguchi and Benedetto Camerana, president of Mauto.

It was a moving celebration, and allowed everyone, for one evening, to relive and share the refinements, genius, dedication and action of a grand master, whom everyone remembers as in love with his work, but also passionate, generous and humorous.

“We wanted to remember and to celebrate Aldo Brovarone with the same affection and passion that he shared with us over the years,” said Levy. “It was a nice journey with all of the Lancia Gamma Coupés, bringing them to the public and to all of Aldo’s friends, in an evening full of memories. Aldo would have been happy”.

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